ConnectRIS Mammo Tracking System (MTS) is a simple add-on to ConnectRIS that satisfies all the requirements from MQSA and ACR for patient history, risk assessment, outcomes assessment, followup tracking, and report and letter generation.

With ConnectRIS MTS, a patient history form is added for mammography and mammography-related procedures, such as breast ultrasound or breast MRI. When the history form is completed, standard risk assessments are provided for the patient for inclusion in the radiology report.

When the radiology report has been completed, outcomes assessment can be assigned with a few mouse clicks, along with a recommended followup and followup date. A separate Outcome tab allows for easy documenting of followup attempts for additional requested procedures, along with documenting the results of those procedures.

Finally, a Mammography Tracker provides a listing of all patients requiring followup action, including those for whom assessment has not been performed and those with requested followup where the followup has not been completed.